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Red Delicious BOM

Here’s what’s been keeping me busy:

 block 1




These are such fun!  Applique that I’ve done in the past have been little pieces.  This project has been so much easier because the pieces are much larger.   I’ve made some changes from the original pattern and I will be putting in some hand stitching to delineate the flower petals and also to finish off the small circles in the second block.   You can find the BOM patterns at Esther’s site.

Jean’s Quilt

I love reading blogs of quilters and needle artists, especially those who post frequently and have pictures of their projects.  I admire their passion and dedication to working on their pieces on a daily basis.  I’m awed by the amount of work some of these folks are able to get done.   They inspire me.  One of my renewed wishes (I don’t like the word “resolution”) is to be more active in my quilting.   I know when I get started, I love it, but getting started is the hard part. 

This week, I finished quilting an Xs and Os quilt for Jean.  I’m also working on a BOM from Esther Aliu. I’ll show my progress in another post. 

Here’s Jean’s quilt —

Jean does beautiful work, every corner matches and the top was flat as could be.

New Mexico Sunrise


I should get up early more often!  If only there was an alarm clock that could wake me on days with beautiful sunrises!

Yesterday was our Slipped Stitches get together.  We meet at a local cafe that has wonderful temptations.  I had the breakfast casserole — black beans, turkey sausage, potato, and cheese.  Again, I should have had my camera with me.  Kathryn had made a cute neck warmer for her aunt.  You can see a pic and get the pattern here.  Kat’s is a beautiful royal purple, and when she finished that one, she immediatly started on a bright red one!  No one is going to be cold in her family, that’s for sure.   After knitting, we carpooled over to Quilt’s Ole for their 20 FQ/$25 sale.   I focused my picks with the idea of making some placemats for DD.  I really didn’t need 20, so Helen and I saved some shelf space by sharing a basket.  

At the checkout, there was a basket full of the cutest little jewelry bags made out of triangles.  I was tempted to buy the pattern, but with a little encouragement from Helen, I came home and made one.  Very easy and great fun.  I’m going to make a bunch for gifts.  Here’s a in progress pic.  I need to find some pretty ribbon to make the pull strings, tack down the little tabs and it will be done.  

triangle bag

 If you live near Costco and want a yummy snack, try this — it’s the best tapioca I’ve ever had.  DH went by Costco this morning and brought me a treat.  He told me I better refrigerate it and I told him it was going to get to “tummy temperature” right away!