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Red Delicious

Although there’s a bit of decoration to put on, I’m counting it as done.  Now I’ve caught up! 



Red Delicious BOM

Here’s what’s been keeping me busy:

 block 1




These are such fun!  Applique that I’ve done in the past have been little pieces.  This project has been so much easier because the pieces are much larger.   I’ve made some changes from the original pattern and I will be putting in some hand stitching to delineate the flower petals and also to finish off the small circles in the second block.   You can find the BOM patterns at Esther’s site.

Jean’s Quilt

I love reading blogs of quilters and needle artists, especially those who post frequently and have pictures of their projects.  I admire their passion and dedication to working on their pieces on a daily basis.  I’m awed by the amount of work some of these folks are able to get done.   They inspire me.  One of my renewed wishes (I don’t like the word “resolution”) is to be more active in my quilting.   I know when I get started, I love it, but getting started is the hard part. 

This week, I finished quilting an Xs and Os quilt for Jean.  I’m also working on a BOM from Esther Aliu. I’ll show my progress in another post. 

Here’s Jean’s quilt —

Jean does beautiful work, every corner matches and the top was flat as could be.

Pinata Piecing Completed

Thankfully the hard part is done!  Now I’ll take a week or so to figure out how to quilt it.  I’ll have to pin those points out of the way while I do the borders and probably turn it also. 

Pinata Piecing Completedscn0152.jpg

Binding and Baking

Love me Knot

Love me Knot

Here’s the finished pics of Love me Knot.  It’s about 51″ square.  I’m really happy with how it finished.  This is my first two-color quilt, but I have a feeling it won’t be the last. 

Today I worked on Piñata.  I’m putting the final border on with the prairie points.  I have the points basted to the border segments, but on the last one I realized that if I measured two inches between points, they would all be spaced just right — so now I have to unbaste and readjust the first three.   

Also today, I baked a couple of loaves of banana nut bread.  I used a recipe I found online which called for 1 1/2 cups of sour cream and some banana schnapps.  I had 1 cup of sour cream so I threw in a bit of yogurt and I substituted Kahlua for the schnapps.   I figure I usually eat banana nut bread with coffee, so Kahlua should be good.  I also substituted pecans for walnuts.  Breakfast is going to be yummy tomorrow! 

Love me, Love me Knot

Quilting is finished and since daisies won the contest of what to put in the middle, I’m naming this “Love me, Love me Knot”.    


Circles of Love

I found this pattern in an Australian magazine several years ago and it was love at first sight!   I started it in 2006 with the idea that it would be queen sized.  I had so many problem piecing it that I struggled to get it into its current 50×50 inch square.   I’m a pretty good piecer and have done a couple of DWRs, but with this one, I just couldn’t get the center diamonds to be consistent.    Rather than let it languish as a UFO, I loaded it today and started stitching around the rings.  I haven’t settled on a design for the centers yet — I’m thinking of a freehand rose.  I would do feathers, but the intended recipient doesn’t care for feathers.