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Baby Quilt Finished


I love how this turned out.  This was my first overall freehand design.  I started this one earlier this spring.  It had some “issues” along the way.  After doing the intial quilting, I didn’t like the way the bobbin thread laid on the back.  I had used Bottom Line in the bobbin and So Fine on top, and the thread seemed to be too flat on the back.  After taking it off the frame, I decided to frog the piano key border on two sides and redo them — which I did.  Last week while hand stitching the binding, I noticed that one side had NO PIANO KEYS!  How did that happen, and how come I didn’t notice it while putting the binding on the front side????   I’m not the kind of perfectionist that would removed the binding and put the quilt back on the frame, sometimes I wish I was, but most of the time, I’m glad I’m not.  So after the binding was completely done, I put in the piano keys using my DSM. 

 I doubt the baby will notice, and if so, I’ll blame it on her daddy, Bryan, who would have removed the binding!

Piñata quilt on it’s way

Pinata Quilt

It’s been a long time since I pieced anything with these many points to be matched!

I ended up pinning every match so it took a while.  For the most part, they’re right on, but there’s a couple of places …well,  we won’t talk about those. 

Next step is a wider border that has prairie points.  I have the prairie points sewed, now to turn them and press.  I’ll do that bit by bit over the next few days.  I’m feeling in the mood to get another smaller quilt on the frame and get it quilted, so it might take a few days to get to those points.  I also have a quilt from the guild quilt bank to quilt.  I need to get that done by the next meeting at the end of the month. 

I signed up for the free package from Site Meter and it’s neat to see where my visitors are from.  Welcome to all from Connecticut, Texas, Tennesse, Colorado, California, Washington, Germany, Switzerland, Isreal, and Austrailia!  It’s a small world!