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Kidney Stones — what joy!

I passed my first kidney stone more than 35 years ago.  After the first one, it was 8 years until the next.  Slowly they became closer together.  Last year I passed 5 or 6 (I lost count).  Four months ago I had a clear x-ray for both kidneys which gave me hope that I would have at least a year with no stones.  Unfortunately, that’s not to be.   At least this one passed almost painlessly.  Just a couple of moments of “hey, what was that??”.   I can feel that there’s another one brewing on the right side.  I hope it passes as easily. 

Last year the docs found I had a mildly elevated level of calcium in my blood.  My stones are calcium oxlate, so more calcium is not good.  Elevated calcium also affect my ability to think — noticably so.  I’ve made quilts for almost as long as I’ve had kidney stones, so I certainly know how to follow patterns and can piece anything.  When my calcium is high, I sometimes get frustrated in trying to piece a block and just can’t figure out how to put it together.  I just have to acknowledge my frustration, and try again the next day.    

Friday, I got up, showered, dressed and drove to my applique group meeting at Janice’s.  Only problem was that the meeting isn’t until THIS Friday!!   And, now today, I have a new kidney stone.  Wonder if my calcium is high again.    I’ll know later this week.  This morning, my doctor had a bunch of blood work drawn.  It’s time for my 6 month checkup on calcium, vitamin D, parathyroid, thyroid, etc.   Six months ago, testd showed I had almost no Vitamin D which regulates blood calcium and sends it into the bones.  I’ve been taking 1000 iu of D daily, drinking Vit D milk and trying to get out in the sun more.    Seems like it might not be enough.

Here’s a picture of the stone — looks like your average rock, except it’s got spikes and sharp corners.   It’s fairly small (since it passed without significant pain).  It’s a bit smaller than the size of the white ball on top of some pins.  The pictures I took with a pin all came out blurry.   You can see some of the sharp edges in the shadow. 


I’ve got pain meds on hand so if the one that’s brewing decides to fight it’s way out, I’m prepared!!  I’ve been in too many emergency rooms waiting for meds,  now all I do is take two oxys and call the doc in the morning!