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Happy Valentine’s Day,,

Gift Wrap
How do you like my gift wrap for hubby’s Valentine’s present?  DD use to do all the wrapping, but she’s 2000 miles away!!
for some reason I can’t un-center the typing, grrrr. 
Allison Aller was here!!  I feel like I’ve been visited by Royalty!! LOL  I delayed responding because I wanted to find my block to post here.  It was well hidden and now I need to straighten the mess I made trying to find it.  I also found some yellow fabric I had been looking for at the bottom of the closet in a UFO box so it was worth the effort. 
 The pics below are my first attempt at CQ and SRE.  I worked on it several days over a couple of weeks and then it moved to the back of the table and eventually into a storage box along with the beads and threads.   I started this about a year ago as a thank you gift for a friend of a friend who had let me stay in their beach home.  I would still like to get it off to her.  I wish I had used curved seams rather than the starkly straight lines. 
Crazy block
 Crazy block1