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New friends

 I made a new blogging friend yesterday, and rather than meeting on the internet before meeting in person, we did the opposite.  Yesterday was our longarming (is that a word??) group meeting, and Ami invited Hilda to join us, so I met Hilda in person before finding her blog. 

I was cruising the hideout and found Hilda’s post from “What does your Birth Date Mean”.  When I read it, I figured we must have been born on the same date, but I was born on the wrong day.   I looked up my birthday.   Except for the weakness and mother-figure stuff (something I’m really trying to dilute in my life), the rest is …. well…. crap.   It would be great if I “understood people well”, what a relief that would be, and if “people always seemed to get along when I was around”, I could just take a trip to the world’s hot-spots, and all would be cured!   Here’s what it said: 

***Your Birthdate: September 24***
You understand people well and are a natural born therapist.
A peacemaker, people always seem to get along when you are around.
You tend to be a father or mother figure to friends, even to those older than you.  You enjoy your role, and you find that you are close to many people.

Your strength: Your devotion
Your weakness: Reliance on others for happiness
Your power color: Lilac
Your power symbol: Heart
Your power month: June
What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

My MIL called last night and invited us to lunch today, she’s wouldn’t say what she was cooking, so it must be one of my favorites — I hoping for navy bean soup with ham hocks.  She makes the best soups.  I have her recipes, but mine never come out as tasty as hers.   We’ll be back home for the game.  I’m planning on doing some clean up in my sewing room and hemming a couple of flannel baby sheet/blanket thingys.