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Las Cruces Market

Last week we were in Las Cruces with our Chapparal RV group and had a long, relaxing rest.  On Saturday morning, vendors set up tables along a downtown walking mall.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take my camera.  There were so many wonderful, local art pieces to choose from — thankfully, most of them take only cash, so when we were out of moola, we had to quit spending!   We did pick up business cards for a couple of other items though.  Here’s our haul, first a wreath made of yucca pods: 

Yucca Pods

Yucca Pod Wreath

I’m still looking for the perfect place to hang it. 

And here’s hubby’s finds, a hanger for our hummingbird feeder and a bit of homemade jam:

Hummingbird Feeder Hangerdscn0172.jpg

The gal who made the jam told me she keeps 500 pounds of sugar on hand and replenishes her stock when she finds it on sale.  She also buys her jars in 50 case loads, and pectin in 25 pound boxes.  She freezes fruit when it’s available so she can make jam when she’s ready.   I can’t imagine putting up that much jam.