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A bit of sewing

I made two of these outfits for granddaughters Emma and Allison.  It was an easy sew, but when they came to visit, I found out the pants didn’t fit.  Sewing long distance has it’s challenges!Image

Thanksgiving Pie

Too much whipped cream or Not enough pie?

Knit Socks

Finally finished!  Today a couple of knitting friends came over for coffee.  Kathryn was working on a pair of socks for her daughter and it made me realize I had a pair in a bag somewhere waiting to be finished.  I drug them out and in a couple of hours the toes were finished.  Yea!! one less UFO.  These are made out of 98% cotton and 2% elastic.  I love the fit that the elastic provides. 

Roadrunner Visitor

I was sitting at my computer this afternoon when a beautiful roadrunner came right up to the patio door. The door is about 1o feet away from my computer and that’s as close as I’ve been to one of these birds. My camera was just a reach away, but by the time I could get to it, he had started to move away.  I was able to catch a few shots of him however the zoom on my lens is not strong enough.    I’m amazed at how tall he stood, maybe 18″ or so with his crown up. 


Roadrunner on step

Autumn Playhouse

As I was raking the leaves yesterday afternoon, I remembered how fun it was when my Dad would rake the leaves to form walls for me to play in.  I did that yesterday thinking of Emma and how when she’s a bit older she will enjoy playing in the leaves.  They smell so sweet. 




My main concern was to get them off the sidewalk in case it would snow. I hadn’t checked the forecast, but sure enough about an hour later the white stuff started to fall.     By the time I raked, used the blower over the gravel areas, and bagged I was ready for a nap.    We only got three large bags filled.  Here’s what it looks like this morning. 


It won’t get done today, but maybe this weekend the rest of the leaves will fall and I can get it all bagged up.  I do wish we had a city service with would come and vacuum up piles of yard debris, how easy that would be!


We had a good bit of snow earlier this week.  The leaves have come down all at once, they didn’t even have time to turn colors!  We usually have windy days, but today is so still you can hear a leaf fall. 


Green on green

Happy Birthday Emma

One year old today!