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Littlest Tortise shows herself

She hatched in 2009 and is three years old this spring.

On the second picture her growth rings show she’s 3 years old.

Last year I counted and numbered 10 tortoises.  Six have come to breakfast so far this year.  The others are munching on bugs and vegetation.  They’ll come to the door as the weather gets hotter.


Tiny Desert Tortoise Update


April 13, 2009, newly hatched

tiny turtle

September 24, 2009


October 22, 2009, should be underground

I thought it would be fun to look at the growth of my baby tortoise over the summer.  When I found her in April, I could still see the remainder of the egg sack on her bottom shell. She’s grown quite well over the summer feeding on insects and vegetation in the gardens.  I did see where she was hanging out during the mid-summer and threw a bit of tortoise food in that area.   There was another baby found the same day, but I haven’t see that one since early May.  This one has been a little less skitish each time I found her, and this time she didn’t seem to mind being handled.  Undoubtedly, the cooler weather has reduced her energy level.  As I said in my earlier post, she should be underground by now with the rest of her clan.  I put her in a hole that a larger turtle had abandoned. it goes about 8 or 9 inches into the lawn and has a side tunnel as well.    I don’t want to disturb the hole by looking in, so I will just hope she winters there.   The larger turtles went underground earlier this month.  That’s the end of the 2009 desert tortoise session here.  I always look forward to seeing them in the late-spring. 


Claire’s Quilt


Made to be played with

 This is a little 24″ square  quilt for Emma’s doll, Claire.  Hope Claire (and Emma) likes it!



An unprepared turtle

This little guy needs some Lunesta.  I found him last week under a leaf in the garden.  I showed him a nice hole to crawl into, so hopefully he’s taken the hint and gone underground for the winter.  They say we will probably have snow tonight or tomorrow.  He’s one of the babies I found in March. 

How come we always wait until after the cold weather hits to winterize the motor home?  I think it’s because we always hope to take one more trip.  I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow and then we’re going to do the winterizing chores.  Hope the wind is calm while were there. 



I had to do a bit of  life guarding this morning:




After I “rescued” him and put him back on the grass he decided to go for another dip.  I had a phone call to return, so after talking with Kathryn, I went back out and couldn’t find him.  I don’t see him floating, so I hope he went on his way.  He’s one of the most friendly, so he’ll be back for dinner tonight.  I’ve seen several of my turtles take a swim.  They always look so pretty when the crud is washed off.