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Some quilty stuff

 This may become a long rambling post in order to satisfy a complaint from one of my ten readers!!  Ten might be an exaggeration, so I need to carefully take care of each compliant I get.  : ))

Here’s my collection of applique blocks from the book, “Old Voices, New Impressions”, by Jeana Kimball.  I’m using hand dyes and need to add some embroidery details.  The top left and lower right are ones I’ve worked on this week and they still need to have berries added to complete the design.  I want to complete 25 blocks for a wall hanging.  That ought to take another decade or so — there’s no sense in rushing these things.


 Here’s the 2009 NMQA wall hanging for this year’s Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.  I didn’t do this one, but I did  work with a wonderful group of gals from our Community Serivce group to get the kits ready for members to quilt up.  Many hands make light work and within a couple of hours we had 22 kits ready to hand out.   I’m in charge of gathering the completed quilts and getting them ready for the fiesta. 

Balloon Wall Hanging

Here’s my latest block in the “Red Delicious” BOM.  I’m a couple of blocks behind and need to make some fabric decisions so I can get a move on.  The roses need some embroidery detail, and I’m considering removing a couple of the dark leaves  on the left and replacing them with the lighter color for balance. 


Here’s the rest of the blocks I’ve finished so far


And, if that isn’t enough, here’s a couple of UFOs I’ve been piecing on here and there:


Orange/Green Strips that Sizzle — this is about a twin size now and I want to keep making blocks until it’s a queen.  Steve put some gromets along the edge of a bat so I can have a queen design wall utilzing the closet doors. 


Moroccan Tiles.  If I don’t finish this one of these days, Janice has offered to take it off my hands. 

That’s all the quilty stuff.  Next I want to share the changes in my garden over the past month.  The first picture was taken towards the end of May.  I love iris and I’m always sad when they fade away, leaving nothing but leaves.  Last year, I decided to inter-plant daisys with the iris to hide the iris leaves as they shrivel into July.  The second picture was taken today.  The daisys have done a tremendous job of filling in and the hollyhocks are really putting on a show this year.   Maybe there will be daylilies when the daisys are gone. 





And here’s a roseDSC00049DSC00048








I could show you the red nail polish that I spilled all over the tile floor, but that would show you how clumsy I am at times.  It wouldn’t have spilled if the top had been put back on — now who can I blame for that???