Today’s Task

The weather has changed, and fall is here.  Time to start putting the yard to sleep for the winter.  One task that I’ve wanted to get done for the past few months is to take care of my poor rusting BBQ.  I generally keep it covered, but this summer I haven’t, and the side table started to rust.  IMG_0394


I still have hopes of having an outdoor kitchen someday, and I can’t see buying a new BBQ until then.  So this morning with a little help from Hubby, we took the table off.  I wanted to get the grease spot off so the new paint would stick, so I hit it with a little oven cleaner.  Not only did it take off the grease, it took off most of the oxidized paint. 



After 4 light coats of a high-temp paint for BBQs, I’m happy with the results.  Not perfect, but I don’t think it will affect the meat one bit!


Maybe I’ll do the other side soon — it’s not rusting yet.  I’m going to let it dry for a day or two and then get the plastic tarp out.  I need to spend a few minutes cleaning up the smoker before covering it also. 

I’ve gotten behind on my Red Delicious BOM.  I’ve been working on a substitute for one of the blocks, and except for putting in some stems, here it is —


It’s funny how looking at a picture is so different than seeing it on the design wall.  I can really see that it needs stems — I was considering  not adding them.


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