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Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

27 Today!

nurse Sarah

Irish Chain Quilt

This is a  for our Guild’s Quilt Bank.  These quilts are given to non-profit organizations for fund-raising.  I didn’t sew the top, just did the quilting.  My frame is only 8 ft, and I had to repin several times to get the borders done since I could only do half at a time.   This has been on the frame for months — not that I procrastinate or anything!!








I’m very glad it’s done.  It’s been a major road block just because I didn’t make the effort to get it done.  Now I can move on and get some other things finished!!   When I look down the road, the remainder of the year is going to slip by.  Balloon Fiesta, Steve’s surgery, Emma’s birthday and then the holidays.  And somewhere in there I want to do a road trip or two.  Time to make a list of “want to dos” and start getting them done!  (I must have roads on my mind.)

Desert Tortoise Growth

In mid-April I discovered a couple of freshly hatched tortoises in my backyard. 

tiny turtle
tiny turtle

Here’s how he looks now


I’d say he’s doubled in size.  He’s getting a bit less afraid of me.  I don’t see him often, maybe only four times all summer.  This is the first time he didn’t entirely retreat into his shell.  Over the past few days, I’m seeing less and less of the turtles, and today I haven’t spotted a one.   I’ve noticed several burrows around the yard — I’m sure they’re all busy digging deep for the winter.

When I was in PA last month, we came across a huge turtle in the middle of the road.      This turtle was as big as a dinner plate with legs about as thick as a half dollar coin.  I thought I would do my good deed for the day by picking him up and moving him off the road .   That was a big  mistake on my behalf.  He was a nasty, nasty common snapping turtle (which I didn’t know at the time).   I could not get behind him to pick him up.  No matter which way I moved, he turned to face me and kept up an offensive stance.  I could tell if he got a bite of me, it would be goodbye finger.  Turtles are supposed to be slow, but this guy was  the fastest turtle I’ve ever seen.  Finally, we found a long-handled window scraper in Sarah’s car and used it to wedge under his shell and lifted him to safety.   Next time I’ll find an easier good deed to do!  It’s a fun memory of us laughing and screaming along the side of Puddingtown Road! Sarah took a couple of pictures with her phone, but unfortunately her phone was stolen out of her car before we could transfer the picture.

Today’s Task

The weather has changed, and fall is here.  Time to start putting the yard to sleep for the winter.  One task that I’ve wanted to get done for the past few months is to take care of my poor rusting BBQ.  I generally keep it covered, but this summer I haven’t, and the side table started to rust.  IMG_0394


I still have hopes of having an outdoor kitchen someday, and I can’t see buying a new BBQ until then.  So this morning with a little help from Hubby, we took the table off.  I wanted to get the grease spot off so the new paint would stick, so I hit it with a little oven cleaner.  Not only did it take off the grease, it took off most of the oxidized paint. 



After 4 light coats of a high-temp paint for BBQs, I’m happy with the results.  Not perfect, but I don’t think it will affect the meat one bit!


Maybe I’ll do the other side soon — it’s not rusting yet.  I’m going to let it dry for a day or two and then get the plastic tarp out.  I need to spend a few minutes cleaning up the smoker before covering it also. 

I’ve gotten behind on my Red Delicious BOM.  I’ve been working on a substitute for one of the blocks, and except for putting in some stems, here it is —


It’s funny how looking at a picture is so different than seeing it on the design wall.  I can really see that it needs stems — I was considering  not adding them.

Another week in Happy Valley

Actually it was another two weeks!  It’s hard to believe how fast time can fly and it’s hard to believe, I use to live the busy, busy life that Sarah now lives.  I was genuinely worn out at the end of each day, and the accumulation of activity had me begging for naps!!  It’s hard to beg a 10-month-old to take a nap so Mia can collapse!





The “to-do” list included making enough flannel blankets to ensure that Sarah has enough blankets to cover the upcoming baby showers.  State College must be having a population explosion!
Many hands make light work!

Many hands make light work!

Sarah has a cozy sewing room.  It’s much larger than mine and has a wonderful view. 

The view of the neighbors  yard
The view of the neighbors yard

P.S.  The beer was tasty (from what I could tell from my two sips).