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Happy Valley

The last two weeks I’ve been in Happy Valley, PA — a very happy place for me!  What did we do?


We took a long walk and saw some beautiful homes.  Our walk was about two miles and within that area, we walked to an area which was farmland just a few months ago,  but is now being developed into McMansions.  It’s sad to know that within five years or so, the same route will be all houses. 

On the fourth, Sarah and I walked to the elementary school/community park to watch the fireworks show.   It was one of the best shows I’ve seen. The park has a small hill.  The entire neighborhood was there, probably 250 people on blankets and chairs neatly set up in rows far enough apart so everyone would have a good view.  It gave me a feel of small-town living.  Bryan stayed home to pack for his trip and watch Emma who was fast asleep. 


We drove 3 hours to Hershey so we could introduce Emma to the joys of outlet shopping!  She was definitely the winner; when we got home we counted 16 outfits for her.  She needs warmer clothing for fall/winter, and where better to find cute stuff than Carters and Oshkosh!  She was such a good little shopper.  We were there five hours — I couldn’t believe it, it seemed more like 2 or 3.  She finally did get a bit fussy, but a  bottlebefore we hit the road and she slept most of the way.  She wanted to drink and drive, but Mom vetoed that.





                                                                                                     Her haul




We started (well, actually Bryan and Sarah did) a new batch of beer and we smoked a ribs and a couple of pork shoulders.  Yum!!  The beer will probably be ready to drink when I return next month.  I’m not a big beer drinker, but I really want a taste.



Three years ago Sarah and I were in State College for a house-hunting/job interview trip.  Our trip coincided with the Arts Fest.  The weather was hot and humid and we didn’t get to see the entire show (my knee was undoubtedly acting up also).   My trip this year also coincided with Arts Fest!  The show is held in the university area and also on the campus.  The weather was really nice this year, until the thunderstorm rolled in as we were leaving.  Just before the downpour, we snapped this picture at the “Nittney Lion”.  About 60 seconds after this picture was taken we on the run for cover!



I came home exhausted in the very best way!!  I had one day at home and then we left for our monthly RV rally — more on that in another post.