What you never want to see…

50,000 or so ants
50,000 or so ants

More on the way

and more on the way!

Yesterday I was sitting out on the glider relaxing and enjoying the yard, when I noticed ants in a sidewalk crack carrying eggs (moving their nest).  The bad news was that they were carrying the eggs towards the house.  I got the ant bait, put some in their path and went on with my day.  Well this morning, I see those little buggers are knocking on my back door!!   On the inside of the door, I see there are a few ants, and a pile of debris which means they have moved inside the wall — crap.   Thanks to quilter friend Carol for a recipe for spray — 1/4 cup each of liquid detergent, water and alcohol.  It killed them instantly without having to mix up pesticide.   I’ve declared war — Monday I will spray with pesticide while Steve is gone.  

1 Response to “What you never want to see…”

  1. 1 Frances June 7, 2009 at 11:24 am

    The “Bugman” identified outside ants for us a couple of years ago as Harvester Ants. (They have the LARGE mounds with a large hole that is covered with small pieces of stone.) He suggested Amdro; it’s in a 24 ox jug and bills itself as a perimeter ant bait; it eliminated those ants in less than 24 hours. The label lists all the ants it will eliminate. (We sent an ant to the Bugman in a prescription bottle; he told us what kind it is and what to do.)

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