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What you never want to see…

50,000 or so ants
50,000 or so ants

More on the way

and more on the way!

Yesterday I was sitting out on the glider relaxing and enjoying the yard, when I noticed ants in a sidewalk crack carrying eggs (moving their nest).  The bad news was that they were carrying the eggs towards the house.  I got the ant bait, put some in their path and went on with my day.  Well this morning, I see those little buggers are knocking on my back door!!   On the inside of the door, I see there are a few ants, and a pile of debris which means they have moved inside the wall — crap.   Thanks to quilter friend Carol for a recipe for spray — 1/4 cup each of liquid detergent, water and alcohol.  It killed them instantly without having to mix up pesticide.   I’ve declared war — Monday I will spray with pesticide while Steve is gone.  


I had to do a bit of  life guarding this morning:




After I “rescued” him and put him back on the grass he decided to go for another dip.  I had a phone call to return, so after talking with Kathryn, I went back out and couldn’t find him.  I don’t see him floating, so I hope he went on his way.  He’s one of the most friendly, so he’ll be back for dinner tonight.  I’ve seen several of my turtles take a swim.  They always look so pretty when the crud is washed off.

Weekend Workshop

This past Sunday I took a guild workshop with Margaret Miller — strips that sizzle.   It was a fun day, and the blocks go together quickly.  I came home and made another 30 blocks, put up a piece of batting for a design wall and started playing.  Margaret gives a set of worksheets with various designs to jump start the design process.  While I was playing I noticed that the blocks could make a friendship star — but what to do in the center???  Here’s what it looks like so far.  The white spots are the center of the stars.

  Strips that Sizzle

I think I need to group the darker oranges together to make some of the stars more noticable.  That would leave the lighter sets in other stars.  Maybe it would give it more dimension.  I was excited when I picked out the orange/green combo — but it seems very flat in this design.  Maybe I need to add some yellows.  The stars look too jumbled together.  Definitely needs some definition.  I plan to keep it up until I come up with a solution — I don’t want another UFO in the closet!!