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Desert Tortoise Baby

I was out in my pjs pulling some weeds this morning, and I almost missed this:

tiny turtle

tiny turtle

She was disguised among the stones.  I usually find babies in August that are about 2″ across.  This one is definitely newly hatched.  I can still see where she was attached to the egg sac. 


Next week I’ll be hugging Emma!!  There’s a brief lull in the action around here, so I’m hopping on a plane to visit Pennsylvannia — let’s hope they don’t have a blizzard while I’m there!!
Emma and spoon

Emma and spoon

Red Delicious

Although there’s a bit of decoration to put on, I’m counting it as done.  Now I’ve caught up! 




Today was my appointment to begin shots in my “good knee”.   While I was there the PA measured the flexion in my TKR, and it’s at 130 degrees!!   The goal after surgery was to get to at least 120, so I’m doing great.   I didn’t know what type of knee I got so I asked — it’s a Zimmer gender specific knee designed specifically for women.  It makes sense that most women would need a smaller, slimmer knee.   I think I’m going to have to start calling my new knee the good knee!   Here’s a link to Zimmer.