TKR – four months ago

Last week I passed the four month mark  since my TKR.  I’m truly lucky that my knee has healed to quickly and so well.   I’m amazed at how it has changed my life — I feel like doing things that I dreaded before surgery.  Life is no longer a burden.  I can walk up and down stairs normally.  I find myself wanting to favor my new knee, but don’t need to.  I’m making an effort to step up with the replaced knee and down with the non-surgical knee in order to break the habit.  My flexion is getting much better the more I use the knee.

The other major change is I can once again carry heavy items.  Before surgery, it hurt too much to attempt to carry too much; now I can load up and walk with ease.   My overall pain is almost entirely gone.  The knee does get warm to the touch after prolonged use, but it subsides quickly.  On one of my previous posts, I mentioned that sleeping was uncomfortable because the knees didn’t nest properly.  I noticed last night that the sensation of pressure has subsided and I can now go to sleep with my legs stacked. 

The newest exercise I’ve adopted is crawling around and kneeling on the bed.  I’ve been doing this a bit every day to get use to the feeling of the knee.  I figure if I get into trouble, I can just roll to the edge and sit up.  This morning I got on the floor next to the couch and then got back up.  It wasn’t too difficult, so I’m going to continue to practice.  Someday, I know I will stumble, and I want to be able to get myself back up.   I figure it’s better to be prepared for that day than flop around like a fish!

We took the RV out this past weekend.  Prior to surgery loading up the food and other supplies was very painful.  It takes many trips to and from the house to get ready to go, and by the time we were loaded I was ready for a full dose of pain meds.  The pain was really horrible.  This past week, that was not a problem at all.  I didn’t have pain for either the loading or unloading process.  Not only does my knee not ache, but the aches and pains in my back, hips and shoulders have pretty much gone away!  HOORAY!!  I feel 10 years younger.

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