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Happy Valentines Day

Hope your day is sweet!

Hope your day is sweet!

Sweet Valentine Kisses

There’s nothing better than grandchildren!!  Here’s the sweetest kisses in my whole wide world! 

Video:   Emma Blowing Kisses




Knee replacement

It’s been almost three months since I had my knee replaced.  I’m  amazed at how quickly I’ve resumed my life — and it feels terrific.  Today when I was dressing I noticed that I could stand  on my leg to slip on my pants; I didn’t need to sit or to grab on to something to balance.  That’s the first time I’ve been able to do that in maybe 7 or 8 years.  I’ve been walking in the afternoons with a neighbor.  The  knee does just fine on our mile and half route, but the rest of me needs to get back in shape.  I do have inflammation in the thigh afterwards, but it subsides after a few hours.   I find myself energized and certainly don’t miss the constant pain I had before surgery.  The discomfort and pain sapped my energy and motivation — now they’re  back!

A friend told me that it would take about three months for the pain to go away.   Except for a bit of tightness just above my knee cap, I have no pain.   I’m still a bit uncomfortable at night.  The knee doesn’t nest well with the other knee and I have pressure points that make it difficult to find a comfortable position.  I use a pillow between the knees but that puts my hip in a weird position.    

My other knee is also bone-on-bone, but I’m hoping to keep it in use-able shape with injections for a few more years.  I’ll definitely have it replaced when it comes time, and I won’t wait until I can’t walk to have it done.

Vista vs. Turbo Tax — Not again…

Last year I had quite a time getting Turbo Tax installed on my computer running on Vista.  I figured the type of problem I had would be resolved by this tax season.  Not so…

I put the new CD in the drive and it started to install as expected.  Then I got an error message stating that the application failed to start because it’s side-by-side configuration is incorrect.  That’s a new one to me — never heard of side-by-side configuration.   I reviewed my post about my last year problems, here, and decided to try turning off the firewall and restarting the computer in safe mode. 

The install started again, but stopped with an error about an Uninstall Cleanup exception.  Access to the path WinPerReleaseEngine.msi is denied.  UGGGG  Another message said that some file was being used by another application…I had no other applications opened at the time. 

I decided to restart the computer normally (without using safe mode), and go on with other tasks.  Before I went to bed, I decided to try the install one more time… and it worked.   Who knows — maybe the computer gremlins went to bed before I did!

Jean’s Quilt

I love reading blogs of quilters and needle artists, especially those who post frequently and have pictures of their projects.  I admire their passion and dedication to working on their pieces on a daily basis.  I’m awed by the amount of work some of these folks are able to get done.   They inspire me.  One of my renewed wishes (I don’t like the word “resolution”) is to be more active in my quilting.   I know when I get started, I love it, but getting started is the hard part. 

This week, I finished quilting an Xs and Os quilt for Jean.  I’m also working on a BOM from Esther Aliu. I’ll show my progress in another post. 

Here’s Jean’s quilt —

Jean does beautiful work, every corner matches and the top was flat as could be.