Here’s what’s for dinner —

Bierocks!  You can find a recipe here.    When I came home from my knee surgery our wonderful friends, Mike and Fran, came to our assistance.  Mike, a Master Gardener, came over and raked up our front yard full of leaves.  He added them to his garden soil, and I didn’t even have to pay him to haul them off!  But even better than having the leaves gone, were the delicious little bundles that Fran sent with him.  Mike and Fran grew up in Kansas, and she told me these are a staple in Kansas.  They are so delicious — I’ve made them three times in 6 weeks.  I made two dozen today.  I’m taking some down to a neighbor and plan to freeze the rest for quick lunches and dinners.  Try them — you’ll like them!!


1 Response to “Here’s what’s for dinner —”

  1. 1 Hilda January 4, 2009 at 8:16 am

    Hey Mary,
    Those look wonderful. Too bad I don’t have any yeast in the house, and it’s snowing so I’m not about to go out.
    Glad to hear you are recuperating from your total knee. I think I have one in my future, and it was good to read about your experiences. Thanks for sharing.

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