Creede, Colorado

This month’s outing took us to Creede Colorado, our first visit, but definitely not our last!   The weather was perfect, warm peaceful days and cool nights, with just a bit of rain to add those wonderful scents to the great outdoors.   The park where our group stayed is nestled in a bowl of mountains a mile or two from the town.  We were surrounded by absolute beauty on all sides. 

Creede was a mining town and due to the increase in the market for silver there is talk of reopening mines in the area.  Several of our group went through the mining museum and were treated to a wealth of information on the area.  We didn’t go along because, as I expected, it was a walking/standing tour, and neither Steve nor I would have been able to take more than an hour on our feet. 

While the others were on the tour, we took a slow drive along the Bachelor Loop which encircles the town.  Such peace!  We live in the city, and the absolute quiet of the mountains almost brings me to tears.  I miss my childhood hikes up into the hills of central California where the only sounds were birds and other wildlife.  We stopped several times and I just stood soaking in the peace.  It’s a quiet you just can’t get in the city.

I’ve finished some projects lately and will post them in the next couple of days.  Things are starting to get finished and it feels good to think about starting a new quilt when we get back from PA in November.  Only 27 days to our first granddaughter!!!


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