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August Accomplishments

This apron was one of the hardest things I’ve ever sewn!  If I was 15 years younger, it would have been tossed in a bag and thrown into a closet corner never to see the light of day again.  I’m older and more patient now and I don’t mind ripping and restarting.  This is a birthday gift for my neighbor Muriel.  I started it before her birthday which was in June May.  It should have been a one day project, but I tired of putting piping on, and tried to take a shortcut — I should know better.  And then, other stuff happened, life a visit from my very pregant daughter from a state far, far, away.  Anyway, it’s done now and I think she will be thrilled.  She’s an avid baker and always has delicious goodies to sample.  I plan on taking it over to her tomorrow. 

While Sarah was here we had a shower for her.  I’m amazing at how things have changed in 26 years, there’s every more stuff that’s just “essential”.  I had a great time shopping, as gramma’s do.  I dragged out every chair in the house, and they were all full of college friends, neighbors and family.  We all had a wonderful time catching up, and almost forgot to play games.  One of the games was guessing Sarah’s waist measurement by cutting ribbon.  Someone’s ribbon was 18″ too long and everyone had a good laugh.  The winning ribbon was within 1/2 inch of being correct.   It took a large suitcase and duffle bag to pack all the goodies, and there are a few larger items we will take with us after the baby is born.   The extra luggage fees were cheaper than shipping would have been. 

Only 66 days left!!!