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Baby Quilt Finished


I love how this turned out.  This was my first overall freehand design.  I started this one earlier this spring.  It had some “issues” along the way.  After doing the intial quilting, I didn’t like the way the bobbin thread laid on the back.  I had used Bottom Line in the bobbin and So Fine on top, and the thread seemed to be too flat on the back.  After taking it off the frame, I decided to frog the piano key border on two sides and redo them — which I did.  Last week while hand stitching the binding, I noticed that one side had NO PIANO KEYS!  How did that happen, and how come I didn’t notice it while putting the binding on the front side????   I’m not the kind of perfectionist that would removed the binding and put the quilt back on the frame, sometimes I wish I was, but most of the time, I’m glad I’m not.  So after the binding was completely done, I put in the piano keys using my DSM. 

 I doubt the baby will notice, and if so, I’ll blame it on her daddy, Bryan, who would have removed the binding!

Echo Lake

While on the way back to Chama from Pagosa, we visited a small fishing lake — such a pretty place.   The clouds were preparing for the afternoon showers which fell a few hours later. 

Chama NM

One of our favorite places in New Mexico is the small northern town of Chama which was the destination of this month’s RV trip. After settling into our site on Thursday, Friday we drove to Pagosa Springs, Colorado.  At lunchtime we stopped in at one of the local BBQ places only to find there was a 45 minute wait.  We decided to drive over to the other end of town to another BBQ, only to find they aren’t open for lunch!  Grrrr (that’s my tummy talking).  By this time we are famished, but couldn’t really decide where to eat — you’d think any place would do!  DH made the decision to stop at JJ’s Riverwalk along the main drag.  They have a limited lunch menu, and we both selected a french dip sandwich which was the best I’ve ever had.  The bread was tasty and just crisp enough to complement the tender beef, onions and mushrooms.  We also had a bowl of delicious crab bisque.  If you get a chance to stop at JJs, I think you’ll like it. 

On Saturday we took a drive along some country roads south of Chama — just wandering wherever the mood struck.  We stopped at Tierra Wools in Ojos.  We have wanted to stop there for several years, but never took the time.  The building is ancient, and the wood floors seem to chatter to you as you walk the length.  The back room has looms — I didn’t count, but maybe 8 to 10 looms — each with a work in progress.  There are stacks of completed work to browse through, and we came across one that said “take me home” so we did.  It isn’t hung yet, so I don’t have a picture, but I’ll post one soon.  It’s done in beautiful neutrals, somewhere between coco and grey.   Since this year is our 30th anniversary, this was our gift to each other. 

While on the drive, we found ourselves on a little one lane road leading up to Corkin’s Lodge.  The lane is bordered with cabins and homes, some seasonal and some year-round residences.  We’re city folk, and we are always a little envious of people who have what it takes to live so close to nature.  We saw some deer in a front yard and stopped to get a picture.  One deer took note and came toward us.  If our dogs hadn’t been going nuts in the back seat I’m sure she would have come right up to the car. 

Tinsel in the sky


Unfortunately the picture doesn’t do justice for mother nature.  It was pouring and the sun was shining brightly from the west.  The rain was coming down in what looked like ropes of water and the sun made it look just like tinsel.  I snapped this picture looking east out our back door.  The beauty of it lasted only a couple of short minutes.