Clear x-ray

Last week I had an IVP — they inject some kind of dye into the veins and watch it go through the kidneys.  The results show that I’m free of stones.  YEA!!  Now I feel like I can plan life without a constant worry of where I’ll be when the next one hits.  Hopefully, I’ll made it through the rest of the year without incident.  I’m scheduled to see a nephrologist in September to try and determine if there’s a solution to the increasing recurrence. 

This week is a busy one.  MIL is having cataract surgery tomorrow and I’m going to be her caregiver for the day.  I’ll stay with her overnight and take her to her followup appointment Thursday morning.  Thursday afternoon we leave for a long weekend with our RV group, and then on Sunday our friends from Abilene will be passing through and will stay the night with us. 

 I’m really looking forward to seeing them.  Marty and I worked together in the early 80’s.  She was my parenting advisor when Sarah was born.  Mark and Marty’s kids were a couple of years ahead, and she was soooo wise!!  She was a great help and would come over and get Sarah and give us a night off now and then — a great friend!  


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