Time Flies…

when you’re busy and having fun!   April went by so quickly, I’ve still got to-do’s that should have been done!   We had a beautiful month weather-wise.  The yard has greened-up and the birds have come in droves.  As I write there are a couple of hummingbirds fighting over the feeder that I put out Thursday. 

Last summer my camera was ruined when sand got into the lens cover.  Hubby got me a new camera for Christmas, but I couldn’t make friends with it because it always gave me blurry pictures if the flash was off.  We were in Santa Fe in April with our RV group, and I was getting frustrated with the continuous message noting that the picture was blurry, did I want to keep it.  When we got home, hubby dug into his stash (his motto is, ” you can never have too many”) and gave me another camera.  I’m learning about it, and this morning I downloaded the pictures so I have a few to share. 

We were co-hosts for our outing to Santa Fe and as such we helped Bobbie prepare three breakfasts and two dinners for the 35 attendees.  It was alot of work, but everyone was so appreciative and helped with the cleanup, that it was really fun.  We arrived late Wednesday afternoon,  got the RV hooked up, and then the weather turned cold and nasty.  Friends, Ted and Jo, had arrived early also and had a crockpot full of fragrant chicken to share.  Carl and Rosemary brought a wonderful apple pie and we contributed some smoked pork.  Bobbie, our co-host, arrived in time for dinner and the seven of us had a delicious meal together while it the snow came down.   Here’s a blurry picture of Indy checking out the snow the next morning. 

Thursday night brought a warning of below freezing temperatures, so we all brought in our water hoses.  The weather got progressively better as the weekend passed, and by Saturday we had a bright sunny Santa Fe day.  We had gorgeous sunsets (and probably sunrises, but I don’t get up to see them). 




While we were in Santa Fe, there was a small collection of Gee’s Bend quilts on display at the folk art museum.  You can see them here:  http://www.quiltsofgeesbend.com/  I was mildly disappointed that there were so few quilts on display.  I wanted to see more, I wanted to see all of them that ever were made! 

Also at the museum was an on-going display of the folk art collection of Alexander and Susan Girard.  The Girard’s began their collection in 1939 and there were thousands of pieces to see.  Here’s one of my favorites. 



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