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Bill Gates — does anyone have his number??

I’d like to as Bill if he’s tried to install Turbo Tax on a computer running Vista.  I’ve used Turbo Tax for 15 years and the only thing different this year is that I bought a new computer a couple of months ago.  I’ve been working with Turbo Tax tech help (well, they’ve responded four times over the past 18 hours, rather slow response time) and have done the various exercises they have requested.  I’ve progressed from an “Unhandled Exception” error, to a “Turbo Tax Engine has stopped working”, and now the “Setup.exe” has stopped working!!!  I’ve uninstalled it a couple of times, downloaded some “necessary” C++ file, Windows has sent me a bunch of updates, and the program still cannot install on this computer that I’ve had less than 90 days.  I don’t blame Turbo Tax for the problems, but I sure do want them to refund my purchase price if I can’t get it installed.

I had a brilliant idea  to go to for tech help.  The site says there is help available for 90 days after activation, just type in your product code.  Which I did.  Which they rejected as not valid.  Which I verified in the system information on this very computer.  Which was correctly typed in to the Microsoft product code slot.  They are so helpful — I could pay $59 dollars to receive help even though my product code has been rejected.  NOT!

If all fails, I’ll do my taxes the old fashion way, with pencil and paper — that ought to trigger an audit for next year’s entertainment. 

Circles of Love

I found this pattern in an Australian magazine several years ago and it was love at first sight!   I started it in 2006 with the idea that it would be queen sized.  I had so many problem piecing it that I struggled to get it into its current 50×50 inch square.   I’m a pretty good piecer and have done a couple of DWRs, but with this one, I just couldn’t get the center diamonds to be consistent.    Rather than let it languish as a UFO, I loaded it today and started stitching around the rings.  I haven’t settled on a design for the centers yet — I’m thinking of a freehand rose.  I would do feathers, but the intended recipient doesn’t care for feathers.  


Happy Valentine’s Day,,

Gift Wrap
How do you like my gift wrap for hubby’s Valentine’s present?  DD use to do all the wrapping, but she’s 2000 miles away!!
for some reason I can’t un-center the typing, grrrr. 
Allison Aller was here!!  I feel like I’ve been visited by Royalty!! LOL  I delayed responding because I wanted to find my block to post here.  It was well hidden and now I need to straighten the mess I made trying to find it.  I also found some yellow fabric I had been looking for at the bottom of the closet in a UFO box so it was worth the effort. 
 The pics below are my first attempt at CQ and SRE.  I worked on it several days over a couple of weeks and then it moved to the back of the table and eventually into a storage box along with the beads and threads.   I started this about a year ago as a thank you gift for a friend of a friend who had let me stay in their beach home.  I would still like to get it off to her.  I wish I had used curved seams rather than the starkly straight lines. 
Crazy block
 Crazy block1

Little Bag

Here’s the completed little bag. I think it’s the cutest thing! 

  Little Bag

Piñata quilt on it’s way

Pinata Quilt

It’s been a long time since I pieced anything with these many points to be matched!

I ended up pinning every match so it took a while.  For the most part, they’re right on, but there’s a couple of places …well,  we won’t talk about those. 

Next step is a wider border that has prairie points.  I have the prairie points sewed, now to turn them and press.  I’ll do that bit by bit over the next few days.  I’m feeling in the mood to get another smaller quilt on the frame and get it quilted, so it might take a few days to get to those points.  I also have a quilt from the guild quilt bank to quilt.  I need to get that done by the next meeting at the end of the month. 

I signed up for the free package from Site Meter and it’s neat to see where my visitors are from.  Welcome to all from Connecticut, Texas, Tennesse, Colorado, California, Washington, Germany, Switzerland, Isreal, and Austrailia!  It’s a small world!


Kitchen view

kitchen window

Lulu’s Bay has started a meme to show the view from your kitchen window.  Unfortunately, I can only show you a view OF my kitchen window.  The window itself is a yellow, bubbly, plexiglass (think 70s).   (Lynda asked what the blue and pink thing is — it’s a blue hen which holds my sweetner.  I bought it while on vacation in Oregon back in the 80s.  It came from the Blue Hen Cafe in Florence, Oregon.  As I recall, the food was so delicious that we went out of our way on the return trip to eat there a second time.) 

If I did have a view, it would look like this:

outside kitchen

New Mexico Sunrise


I should get up early more often!  If only there was an alarm clock that could wake me on days with beautiful sunrises!

Yesterday was our Slipped Stitches get together.  We meet at a local cafe that has wonderful temptations.  I had the breakfast casserole — black beans, turkey sausage, potato, and cheese.  Again, I should have had my camera with me.  Kathryn had made a cute neck warmer for her aunt.  You can see a pic and get the pattern here.  Kat’s is a beautiful royal purple, and when she finished that one, she immediatly started on a bright red one!  No one is going to be cold in her family, that’s for sure.   After knitting, we carpooled over to Quilt’s Ole for their 20 FQ/$25 sale.   I focused my picks with the idea of making some placemats for DD.  I really didn’t need 20, so Helen and I saved some shelf space by sharing a basket.  

At the checkout, there was a basket full of the cutest little jewelry bags made out of triangles.  I was tempted to buy the pattern, but with a little encouragement from Helen, I came home and made one.  Very easy and great fun.  I’m going to make a bunch for gifts.  Here’s a in progress pic.  I need to find some pretty ribbon to make the pull strings, tack down the little tabs and it will be done.  

triangle bag

 If you live near Costco and want a yummy snack, try this — it’s the best tapioca I’ve ever had.  DH went by Costco this morning and brought me a treat.  He told me I better refrigerate it and I told him it was going to get to “tummy temperature” right away!