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Little Bag

Here’s the completed little bag. I think it’s the cutest thing! 

  Little Bag

Piñata quilt on it’s way

Pinata Quilt

It’s been a long time since I pieced anything with these many points to be matched!

I ended up pinning every match so it took a while.  For the most part, they’re right on, but there’s a couple of places …well,  we won’t talk about those. 

Next step is a wider border that has prairie points.  I have the prairie points sewed, now to turn them and press.  I’ll do that bit by bit over the next few days.  I’m feeling in the mood to get another smaller quilt on the frame and get it quilted, so it might take a few days to get to those points.  I also have a quilt from the guild quilt bank to quilt.  I need to get that done by the next meeting at the end of the month. 

I signed up for the free package from Site Meter and it’s neat to see where my visitors are from.  Welcome to all from Connecticut, Texas, Tennesse, Colorado, California, Washington, Germany, Switzerland, Isreal, and Austrailia!  It’s a small world!


Kitchen view

kitchen window

Lulu’s Bay has started a meme to show the view from your kitchen window.  Unfortunately, I can only show you a view OF my kitchen window.  The window itself is a yellow, bubbly, plexiglass (think 70s).   (Lynda asked what the blue and pink thing is — it’s a blue hen which holds my sweetner.  I bought it while on vacation in Oregon back in the 80s.  It came from the Blue Hen Cafe in Florence, Oregon.  As I recall, the food was so delicious that we went out of our way on the return trip to eat there a second time.) 

If I did have a view, it would look like this:

outside kitchen

New Mexico Sunrise


I should get up early more often!  If only there was an alarm clock that could wake me on days with beautiful sunrises!

Yesterday was our Slipped Stitches get together.  We meet at a local cafe that has wonderful temptations.  I had the breakfast casserole — black beans, turkey sausage, potato, and cheese.  Again, I should have had my camera with me.  Kathryn had made a cute neck warmer for her aunt.  You can see a pic and get the pattern here.  Kat’s is a beautiful royal purple, and when she finished that one, she immediatly started on a bright red one!  No one is going to be cold in her family, that’s for sure.   After knitting, we carpooled over to Quilt’s Ole for their 20 FQ/$25 sale.   I focused my picks with the idea of making some placemats for DD.  I really didn’t need 20, so Helen and I saved some shelf space by sharing a basket.  

At the checkout, there was a basket full of the cutest little jewelry bags made out of triangles.  I was tempted to buy the pattern, but with a little encouragement from Helen, I came home and made one.  Very easy and great fun.  I’m going to make a bunch for gifts.  Here’s a in progress pic.  I need to find some pretty ribbon to make the pull strings, tack down the little tabs and it will be done.  

triangle bag

 If you live near Costco and want a yummy snack, try this — it’s the best tapioca I’ve ever had.  DH went by Costco this morning and brought me a treat.  He told me I better refrigerate it and I told him it was going to get to “tummy temperature” right away! 


Alton Brown — HELP!

Get ready for a good chuckle…..

I don’t bake too often, primarily to keep my carb calories in check, and secondly because I always make a huge mess when I bake.   I’m having my MIL for lunch tomorrow and wanted to bake my favorite pie, lemon meringue, to remind me spring is on the way.   

Alton Brown’s pie crust is super easy, made in the food processor, and I love the taste and texture.  I needed a baked crust, so the instructions say to put a piece of parchment on top of the unbaked crust and fill it with beans, bake for 10 minutes, remove the beans and continue the baking to brown the crust.    Well…. all was going smoothly until the step to remove the beans.  I lifted up the parchment with the beans and a quite a few fell off the paper and back into the crust.  The beans were hot, and I decided to gently pour the beans off the crust. 

pie crust

See, I always make a mess! 

When life gives you broken crusts —



I had to carefully check the crust crumbs.   All I need is Oma to break a tooth on a bean– I’d never hear the end of it. 

Snow and flowers in Chama, NM

Last summer we spent a few days in Chama;  today’s news is that they have called out the National Guard to clear the snow and the roof of their only grocery store collasped this afternoon. 

It was June when we were there for the Outdoor Quilt Show.  The big draw for me were the  enties for the $100,000 quilt contest which were displayed in the banquet room of a cafe.  One of the enties was “Crazy for Flowers”, a crazy quilt by Allison Aller.  Allison’s blog is one of my favorites, and I just had to get up there to see it.    It was hanging at the entrance to the room, and I just stood there, blocking traffic, as I studied each detail.  It was absolutely fabulous.   You can poke around on her blog and find pictures.   Here’s one of my favorite parts:


We had about 4″ of snow last night and my back yard looks just about like the picture in the header.  That one was taken in 2006. 

Lots of Little Pieces!


This is 20 fat quarters chopped up and ready to be put back together.  I bought this 4 years ago at the urging of DD.  Since I’m at a winter lull, I thought the zingy colors would be cheerful to work on.  The colors in the photo are horrid.  I’ll try and get better color tomorrow.  Here’s a closer look at the pattern. 


Cairo Egypt

Jenny has posted wonderful pictures of a Cairo market here.   If you haven’t discovered her blog yet, it’s a wonderful place to spend a few hours! 

New friends

 I made a new blogging friend yesterday, and rather than meeting on the internet before meeting in person, we did the opposite.  Yesterday was our longarming (is that a word??) group meeting, and Ami invited Hilda to join us, so I met Hilda in person before finding her blog. 

I was cruising the hideout and found Hilda’s post from “What does your Birth Date Mean”.  When I read it, I figured we must have been born on the same date, but I was born on the wrong day.   I looked up my birthday.   Except for the weakness and mother-figure stuff (something I’m really trying to dilute in my life), the rest is …. well…. crap.   It would be great if I “understood people well”, what a relief that would be, and if “people always seemed to get along when I was around”, I could just take a trip to the world’s hot-spots, and all would be cured!   Here’s what it said: 

***Your Birthdate: September 24***
You understand people well and are a natural born therapist.
A peacemaker, people always seem to get along when you are around.
You tend to be a father or mother figure to friends, even to those older than you.  You enjoy your role, and you find that you are close to many people.

Your strength: Your devotion
Your weakness: Reliance on others for happiness
Your power color: Lilac
Your power symbol: Heart
Your power month: June
What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

My MIL called last night and invited us to lunch today, she’s wouldn’t say what she was cooking, so it must be one of my favorites — I hoping for navy bean soup with ham hocks.  She makes the best soups.  I have her recipes, but mine never come out as tasty as hers.   We’ll be back home for the game.  I’m planning on doing some clean up in my sewing room and hemming a couple of flannel baby sheet/blanket thingys.