Intuit — a customer friendly company

In my last post I talked about my frustration in trying to get my favorite tax program loaded on my new Vista computer.  I finally gave up and loaded it on another computer, now I need to transfer the last year’s files over to that computer so that I can complete my returns.  A nuisance, but doable.

In yesterday’s e-mail was the following message from Turbo Tax: 

You asked us to notify you when we found a solution to your TurboTax installation issue. Unfortunately, we’re unable to resolve this issue in the desktop version of TurboTax. Please accept our apology.We’re providing a voucher so you can use our TurboTax Online product free of charge. Here is your service code: 

This was followed by instructions on how to receive the product.   You’ve got to love a company like that, I sure do.  I haven’t checked out my options, but I hope one of the choices is free e-file — that would make my day.    If you haven’t purchased a tax software yet, Turbo Tax would be a good choice.

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