Kitchen view

kitchen window

Lulu’s Bay has started a meme to show the view from your kitchen window.  Unfortunately, I can only show you a view OF my kitchen window.  The window itself is a yellow, bubbly, plexiglass (think 70s).   (Lynda asked what the blue and pink thing is — it’s a blue hen which holds my sweetner.  I bought it while on vacation in Oregon back in the 80s.  It came from the Blue Hen Cafe in Florence, Oregon.  As I recall, the food was so delicious that we went out of our way on the return trip to eat there a second time.) 

If I did have a view, it would look like this:

outside kitchen

1 Response to “Kitchen view”

  1. 1 Lynda February 12, 2008 at 12:57 am

    I am just so amazed at the differences that have come up – some people obviously design their homes around their kitchens and for others it is an ad-on. And just what is that blue and pink thing in the middle of the picture? Is that a retainer?? LOL

    Thanks for dropping by… I have added you to the list… Isn’t this fun!

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