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Love me Knot – finished

It’s finished!! Yea!! one UFO done!  I’ll try to post a full picture tomorrow — it’s too late/dark tonight.  All it needs is a label, but we will have to wait to see who’s going to get it!

I’m thinking of starting a blouse next.  I haven’t sewn a garment (except scrubs) in along time.  I bought 10 yards of muslin a Jo-Ann’s on sale, so I can make a mockup for fitting. 

Love me, Love me Knot

Quilting is finished and since daisies won the contest of what to put in the middle, I’m naming this “Love me, Love me Knot”.    


I love squishies!

Aren’t these beautiful!?  The dark one is a rich dark green velvet, and some of the others are silk.  All yummy!  Now I feel a challenge to plan something pretty to make with them!  Thank you Allison!


Shadows with Colleen Wise

Colleen Wise

Yesterday was our guild workshop with Colleen Wise on creating shadows in quilts.  The background in the picture is really more beige.  It started out a plum colored batik and discharged to a warm beige.    These are leaves that she brought from Seattle for our use.  Most times when I finish a workshop, I think of it as learning a technique and never plan to finish the project.  I plan to get this one done soon.  The little white dots in the shadows are my “oops”.  I let the discharging bleach drop off the mask.  I hope to fill them in with a bit of paint.     Colleen has a great personality and is a great teacher.  She had us laughing and learning all day long.  Tonight is our guild meeting and Colleen will be the speaker, so I know it will be a fun time.

Time Scheduling

Circles of Love

Circles of Love is coming along nicely.  The circles are SID and the inner circles will be done tomorrow.  Still thinking about what’s going inside the circles. 

Here’s one of my first digi-scrapping layouts.  It’s of our pets having fun in the snow.  The pictures were taken in 2006 which was one of the heaviest snows we have ever had.   Digi-scrapping is such fun, I can tell I’m going to have to allocate my time, or nothing else will get done!!



If you want to laugh til it hurts,  to to My Olive Branch and watch the video.   It’s been a long time since I’ve laughed that hard.  It’s great, you’ve got to see it!

Intuit — a customer friendly company

In my last post I talked about my frustration in trying to get my favorite tax program loaded on my new Vista computer.  I finally gave up and loaded it on another computer, now I need to transfer the last year’s files over to that computer so that I can complete my returns.  A nuisance, but doable.

In yesterday’s e-mail was the following message from Turbo Tax: 

You asked us to notify you when we found a solution to your TurboTax installation issue. Unfortunately, we’re unable to resolve this issue in the desktop version of TurboTax. Please accept our apology.We’re providing a voucher so you can use our TurboTax Online product free of charge. Here is your service code: 

This was followed by instructions on how to receive the product.   You’ve got to love a company like that, I sure do.  I haven’t checked out my options, but I hope one of the choices is free e-file — that would make my day.    If you haven’t purchased a tax software yet, Turbo Tax would be a good choice.