Try, Try Again

I thought I better do another post here before I totally forget how it works!  

I did work on my vest project today.  Last week I had finished piecing the rings into an area to fit the pattern, cut out the pattern, quilted the ring centers and melons.  This quilting was done without the lining because I wanted only the ring outlines to show on the inside.  This week I cut out the linings and “enveloped” them leaving openings at the shoulder the side seams.   Yesterday and today I  SID’d around the rings and today I sewed one shoulder and side, tomorrow I’ll do the other (hopefully).  Then there’s just the button and buttonhole to do.  Here’s what it looks like now.  The lining is the backing material for the original quilt. 

DWR Vest

An update on the camera situation — I decided to keep the new camera since fixing the old one was going to cost more that it was worth.  I even made the effort to scan the instruction manual and learned some of its capabilities — I think we’ll become friends.  

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