Photoshop practice

Kris‘s color stripes have inspired me to renew my efforts to learn Photoshop (PS). 


 I’ve had the software for a couple of years and haven’t learned much.  Her color stripes are marvelous and I can see all kinds of uses for deriving colors from photos.   This week I’ve learned to bring in a picture and have Image Ready (part of the Photoshop suite) disect it’s colors and put them in a palette.  I still haven’t learned how to get PS to make the color stripes, so I reverted to Powerpoint and made up a template.  I was able to open this template in Photoshop and fill the rectangles with color from the palette.  My method is very awkward, so I’m still looking to learn an easier way.  I had to do a little play…..

Here’s Indy — he has other names but none fit to be published..


 Last summer (that sounds so long ago) we took a trip to California for my 40th reunion.  While we were there we found this cute salt and pepper. 


I had to get it, of course!  I imported the picture into PS and played around cutting out the figures and putting in the background.  Took me about an hour .. good thing I don’t earn my living doing graphics.  I probably couldn’t do it again.

I don’t want Heidi to feel left out so here’s the princess..

She’s a chow/cocker mix.  We call her princess because she doesn’t like to get her feet wet. 


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