Saturday morning

No pictures today.  My camera broke this summer.  I’ve been using DHs camera, but I can’t get the software for that camera to load on my computer (grrrr).  I’ve been swaping the chip from his camera into my old one to transfer the pics  — a tedious job.  DH got me another camera for Christmas but I wanted to have my other camera fixed.  Yesterday he took it in for an estimate.  It would cost more to have it fixed that the new one cost!  Is anyone else sick and tired of the mentality that say’s you pay big buck for electronics, and they have to be tossed away rather than repaired?  I wanted to get another one just like to old one on E-bay, but those cost more than the new one too — so I’ll be keeping the new one and need to learn how to use it.     Maybe I’m just getting old and learning new stuff is too hard. 

My knitting group met this morning.  Today we had a new friend, Gloria, join us and I hope she becomes a regular.  Currently I’ve given up knitting, but it’s always fun to get together and chat and share show and tell (or drag and brag as one friend call it).  This morning Diane brought a great set of books to share — almost makes me what to start a new knitting project.  The fun thing about this group is that with one exception, we’re all quilters too, so there’s always a bit of quilt show and tell.  We’re trying to get Lynne to try quilting, but she’s has a yarn stash bigger than most fabric stashes I’ve seen and and there’s nothing she can’t knit.   

I’m not a great knitter. It takes far too long to finish things.   There’s a couple of standard ways of knitting, most notably Continential and English.  I certainly wish I had learned one of these methods, but no — I utilize a combination of the two.   This causes me to have twisted stitches on some patterns.  It doesn’t bother me that my stitches are twisted, but it bothers my MIL alot.  I have honestly tried to knit using the Continential method, but I find it very hard to insert my needle from the front when knitting.  I knit in the back of the loop and purl in the front of the loop, it’s fast and easy for me.   I didn’t even know that there was a name for my method.  I found a great explanation at  Anyway, I think I may have a method figured out where I can keep my stitches from twisting, I just need to put a bit more effort into memorizing what to do — unfortunately, my memory is slipping along with my stitches. 


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