Planning ahead

I put some thought into the coming year and setting some goals.   Just thinking about “setting goals” takes me back to my pre-retirement years and gives me gOoSeBuMpS.  So rather than having goals or focusing on UFOs, I made myself a “Want to Do” list .  I looked around my sewing room and found several things that I’ve been wanting to do, but for whatever reason have not done.   I’m excited to give myself permission to do what I want to do!!   I’ve already started the first one, and it’s half done already.  I’ve been wanting to make a quilted vest from the leftover DWRs from DDs quilt (see below).  I found a pattern by Park Bench Pattern Company  at the Fiber Fiesta last summer and it’s been languishing in a basket ever since — now it’s almost wearable.  I hope to finish it this coming week.   I’ll post a picture when it’s done. 

There are ten things on the list.  I jotted down how long I thought it would take to get each item done.  If I add all the time together it comes to 12 weeks.  That sounds about right to me — 52 weeks to get 12 weeks of stuff done.  That gives enough leeway to get some volunteer quilting and binding done, keep up with the guild treasurer duties, and maybe make a baby quilt or two.  The list includes one UFO that I really want to get done. 

Many years ago — when batiks were just becoming big — I started a NY Beauty.  I finished the paper piecing for the top and then designed a border for it.  It sat in a box for many years waiting for the border to get done.  A couple of years ago I finished the border and last year I started quilting it from the center out.  I love the way the center came out, but for whatever reason the pieced border would not lie flat.  I was new at longarming and I should have squared it up and basted the edges before starting the center.  The border is so bad I may have to take it off, and I don’t want to do that, so it’s in a UFO box waiting my decision.  I love this quilt and want it to done, but I want it to be wonderful, so it will have to wait until the mood strikes. 


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