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Hats Gone!!

Hubby is a collector, and I mean that in the nicest way!  He finds value in everything, with the small exception of empty candy wrappers.  I’m a collector also, but not in the same league.      These are the hats he decided to part with;  hats are one of hubby’s favorite things so to cull 18 from his collection is HUGE! 

 Least you think his pointy head will be cold — here’s the ones he kept!

Kept hats

He also started dinner  in the crock pot!! (I was going to post a picture here, but there’s a fly in the ointment and the wrong picture keeps popping in).   He’s a keeper!


Today was our guild meeting and the start of a new year for the officers and volunteers.  Our guild holds alternating day and night meetings.  The day meetings are also business meetings, and since January usually has numerous  business items to take care of, it is also a potluck luncheon.    I love potlucks because I always come away with a new delicious recipe.  Today was no exception, and I eagerly await the directions for a refreshing tomato salad from my friend Susan.   I’m sharing a wonderful cole slaw that I got from a forum.  If you would like to have it, leave a comment and I’ll get it to you.

The best thing about guild potlucks is the opportunity to sit and relax with friends, both new and old.   Today I got to visit with Susan, Vicky and Ami.  I wish I had taken my camera.  I’ll have to remember to do that next month.   Susan is corresponding secretary, Vicky has taken over the quilt bank, and Ami was head of Ways and Means last year and seems to take on whatever job needs to be done. 

Right now Ami is living in a past century — her outside water supply pipe has frozen and her family is having to tote water from a neighbors in order to have minimal water to take care of necessities.  You can read about her challenge on her blog  Enchanting Quilts

I thought I would post some pictures of blocks from my century-spanning UFO — a charm friendship star.  I started this in 1999 with hopes to have it done for the new millennium.  I originally swapped charms on AOL in the mid-90’s when AOL was a major hub on the web.   I ran out of light colors and put the whole thing in a wire basket and left it to age.  This year I’ve been swapping lights and have now completed 20 of the 30 blocks.  YEA!!  Each block has 68 different fabrics. 

 Friendship Star 2

Friendship Star 3

Friendship Star 1

Friendship Star 4

It’s been a busy….

few days.  Last week was my MIL’s 79th birthday.  She is an amazing person and I sure hope I’m doing that well in 22 years!   Her birthday was on Wednesday, which for most of the extended (non-retired) family is permanently scheduled, so we hosted a family dinner on Saturday.  

For Christmas hubby gave me a smoker.  He loves to eat the final product by has no interest in actually doing the smoking/cooking.  I don’t know why because it’s really easy and fun.  I started a couple of pork shoulders on Friday evening.  By 11:30 pm I was tired of going outside in the freezing cold to mop the meat and tend the wood, so I brought them in, wrapped them in foil and finished them in the oven.  At 2 a.m. I turned the oven off so I could get some sleep and then turned it back on in the morning.  All in all they cooked about 18 hours and by eatin’ time they were tender and delicious.  If you’re interested in learning more about smoking meat visit the SmokingMeatForums.  I had never smoked meat until a few weeks ago when I found that site. 

As the in-coming treasurer for our guild, today I hosted the annual audit of the books.  All went smoothly and I was able to answer the questions posed and find the needed documents.   In another life I used to do audits for a major taxing authority so I knew what to expect, but I have to say I did have a bit of worry about whether I had enough knowledge.  Turned out to be a piece of cake and the prior treasurer had done a great job keeping the books.

It’s great that these two things came in succession — only had to dust once!!  Tonight is a neighborhood potluck in honor of Jean and Phil and then I have the rest of the week “off”.  Phil is on active duty with the Air Force and was stationed here for several years.  I can’t believe it’s been more than three years since they moved to Ohio.  They are visiting for a few days and neighbor Anne volunteered to host the whole neighborhood tonight.  I’m making Corn Dish Bliss (recipe from the SmokingMeatForums) and a cole slaw (recipe also from SMF).     Hubby said he’d cook tonight ????

Line Backer Vest


This reminded me of why I gave up garment sewing!!  Look at those shoulders!  They stood out at least 2″ above my actual shoulder! I cut myself out of the photo because it looked too awful to post. 

 I unstitched the sides and shoulder seams and using  my trusty rotary cutter, slashed those shoulders off!!  Yesterday I stitched the slashed seams closed and the next step will be to refinish the shoulder and side seams.  I’m glad I was just using leftovers, I would have been really upset if I had purchased materials.   Maybe I need to slice off that lower point as well.  What do you think?

Dye Swatches

Dye Swatches

More than a year ago I did some swapping on the Yahoo group, Diehard Runoffs.  I loved receiving the squishies but never took the time to get them organized.  They are now sewed onto card stock with all the info from the swap.  I need to go get a binder to put them in.   Now I’m ready for some more swaps!!  Yea! 

 I also went through my magazine stack (the earliest dated from 1990), cut out some items I wanted to keep and tossed the rest.  Now I have more projects for my “Want to do” list, including a couple of cute baby quilts. 

Photoshop practice

Kris‘s color stripes have inspired me to renew my efforts to learn Photoshop (PS). 


 I’ve had the software for a couple of years and haven’t learned much.  Her color stripes are marvelous and I can see all kinds of uses for deriving colors from photos.   This week I’ve learned to bring in a picture and have Image Ready (part of the Photoshop suite) disect it’s colors and put them in a palette.  I still haven’t learned how to get PS to make the color stripes, so I reverted to Powerpoint and made up a template.  I was able to open this template in Photoshop and fill the rectangles with color from the palette.  My method is very awkward, so I’m still looking to learn an easier way.  I had to do a little play…..

Here’s Indy — he has other names but none fit to be published..


 Last summer (that sounds so long ago) we took a trip to California for my 40th reunion.  While we were there we found this cute salt and pepper. 


I had to get it, of course!  I imported the picture into PS and played around cutting out the figures and putting in the background.  Took me about an hour .. good thing I don’t earn my living doing graphics.  I probably couldn’t do it again.

I don’t want Heidi to feel left out so here’s the princess..

She’s a chow/cocker mix.  We call her princess because she doesn’t like to get her feet wet. 


Try, Try Again

I thought I better do another post here before I totally forget how it works!  

I did work on my vest project today.  Last week I had finished piecing the rings into an area to fit the pattern, cut out the pattern, quilted the ring centers and melons.  This quilting was done without the lining because I wanted only the ring outlines to show on the inside.  This week I cut out the linings and “enveloped” them leaving openings at the shoulder the side seams.   Yesterday and today I  SID’d around the rings and today I sewed one shoulder and side, tomorrow I’ll do the other (hopefully).  Then there’s just the button and buttonhole to do.  Here’s what it looks like now.  The lining is the backing material for the original quilt. 

DWR Vest

An update on the camera situation — I decided to keep the new camera since fixing the old one was going to cost more that it was worth.  I even made the effort to scan the instruction manual and learned some of its capabilities — I think we’ll become friends.