Just for the fun of it…

I decided to create a blog… sort of like giving myself a present!!   I love to read blogs.  They inspire and motivate me.  Sometimes I get so inspired I  leave the computer and go do something!!   My current project is a vest made from leftover DWR segments from the quilt I made for my daughter’s wedding.  I started it in February 2005 when they were engaged and while I finished the top in time for the wedding, the quilting was finally finished it this summer in time for their second anniversary. 

Sarah's DWR

Like most of us, I have a UFO list.  My goal this year was to finish at least one UFO each month, and I think I came close to that.  I only have a few items left, and I think of them as WISPs (works in slow progress).  One of those is a charm friendship star that I started in 1999 for the millenium.  I ran out of lights and so progress slowed to a standstill.  I’ve been swapping nickels on-line and now have a new stack of lights, so I can resume working.  I need to have 30 blocks and I have only 16 done.  Of those 16, I think I might have to replace 3 because the contrast isn’t what I want it to be.  In the 7 years since I started it, my eyes are seeing things differently, and what use to look good doesn’t anymore.   My goal this year is to finish the friendship star and also to finish the quilting on the NY Beauty.  That’s a whole other story I’ll tell another day.   

We’re leaving in a couple of days to spend Christmas and New Year’s in central Pennsylvania with our daughter her hubby, so if I don’t get back here before we return,  I wish each of you a peaceful, wonderfilled Christmas and a safe Happy New Year. 

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